Rice with caraotas

This is a very filling and quick dish to make. It is very typical in South America (caraotas means black beans).

Here are the instructions:

To make the rice, fry some garlic in a pan with some oil (whichever oil you prefer, I use olive oil for added flavour) add your desired ammount of rice (it is advisable to rinse the rice to get rid of some starch and any dirt), toss it around until the rice becomes translucent and add double ammount of water. Add some bouillon powder to add a bit of flavour. Cover with lead and boil until the water has desapeared. Switch off the heat and let it rest for at least 10 mins.

To make the beans:

while the rice is cooking, fry an onion with a pinch of salt in sunflower oil (now you can add more veggies if you fancy, red peppers, celery and leeks all go well with this recipe, but is best to chop them alot, even with food processor to create a thicker sauce). Then add cumin (as much as you like) and add two tins of cooked black beans (if the beans have no additives, there is no need to rinse and the liquid from the tin will add thickness, however, you can also rinse them if you prefer) Cover with water (not too much, only enough to cover) and add some bay leaves, ground pepper and a little bit of tomato paste. Boil for a minimum of 15 minutes. The longer the thicker the sauce.


Thanks to Teresa and Bertrand from Deep Lemon to introduce us to this dish. It has become a weekly staple for our family.

If you have that little extra time, you can fry some plantain in slices and also some vegan meaty strips with onion, green peppers and cumin. However if you don’t, kids also love some fresh chopped banana on top of the beans as a quick add on and needless to say, some chilli sauce will also enhance this dish. This combination of flavours go reaaaally well together! Enjoy!!!



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