You are doing a great job

In a particularly difficult moment, I found myself looking for tips to feel better as a parent, and I came across this post from NCT, with some real-life feedback from other parents. Parenting is such a complex, difficult and rewarding job, and it’s sometimes hard to know if we are doing well or not. What approach is best? What choices are conscious? Are we doing what we feel is right or are we behaving the only way we know? Looking for alternatives, strategies and support are great tools to feel engaged and present in your parenthood journey.

In the post you will find some nice, lighthearted tips that I will quickly list below:

*Laughter is the best medicine

*Look at the bigger picture

*You (usually) know best

*Don’t sweat it

*Take the small wins

*Love is all you need

*It’s just about survival (and possibly wine)

Relax, have a look at the article and feel better!

Thanks to NCT for this article.

Valeria Giannuzzi

Valeria Giannuzzi, PhD, is Clinical and Community Psychologist, Social Sciences Researcher and Co-Founder of The Hug Support Group CIC. She is specialised in migrants’ integration, community development, women and parents support. Mom of a 19 months old son.

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