Mediterranean fushion breakfast

Breakfast is one of our favourite times, so when the ocassion allows it, is great to take some time and set the day with a great breakfast that is a feast for the senses and sets you on the right path to have a great day! If you want to move away from the cereals or toasts, this is a great alternative.


Just blend a tomato (or desired ammount depending on family size) and put it on a bowl.

Right after, rinse the same container where you blend the tomatoes and make a quick hummus ( bend together 1 can of chickpeas, 2 spoons of tahini paste, the juice of half a lemon, half garlic, water, splash of olive oil and splash of sunflower oil, cumin and salt)

Put on a bowl. Pick your favourite breadsticks, or any other bread, corncakes, veggie sticks, avocado slices…

We normally spread some tomato, then add a bit of olive oil and some dollops of hummus. Warning, this is a messy business so have wet clothes ready…

If you can go the extra mile, freshly squeeze orange juice is the best combination for this breakfast.

This is not just about breakfast, it is about a sensorial experience and sharing time as a family.

Everybody can have a go at making each of the elements of this breakfast. Toddlers love to squeeze oranges or to see how the tomatoes blend or helping to put the table or to tidy it all up.

Let them being involved is the key to make this experience a great one, rather than a task that will make you want to have cereals the next day. Enjoy!



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