Wash Wash Wash

Lots of positive outcomes with this activity. By letting the kids get involved in the cleaning, they are learning and practising motor skills, exploring textures through objects, temperature with the water… Kids can have their own sponge, bucket, spray (of course only filled with water) This is a very good way to teach them about house chores in an inclusive and educational way.

Thanks to Cocoon for this activity. You can find more ideas at Early Years Cocoon.

If you have any large equipment (tricycles,
scooters), let your child get involved in washing them. Using a sponge or a brush and also real soap can get your child busy for a long time.

Doing it outdoors is preferable if possible.


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Almudena Segura

Mum, Community Project Facilitator, Theatre practitioner (BA Hons) and Co-founder of the The Hug Support Group CIC.

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