Lets make a toy!

So your kid wants a new toy. Great! Lets make it happen at home.

1. Go to your recycling bin (here you are already teaching them how to be eco-friendly).

2. Help them find in google or youtube tutorials on how to do it with recycled materials.

3. Choose with your kid some interesting and safe materials to build it.

4. Lets get creative! Here is where you can help your kid to learn as much or as little as you want. You can add numeracy by measuring, arts by painting, presentation skills by doing a demo at the end of the project and even writting if you encourage your child to write about the project.

And on top of all this, your kid ends up with a new toy! Win win situation!!! Here is a cool example of a home made car 🙂



Thanks to Mide and her kid for this picture and such a great home learning activity!

Don’t be scared of this activity. You can make it as simple or as complicated as your kid’s ability or imagination.

It can be a car but it can also be a bottle filled with chickpeas to make a cool shaker and that only takes two minutes. The important thing is to create something together!



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