Sensory Play Ideas

This is a quick, straight to the point, versatile video that explains how to do simple diy ideas from items you might have at home.

Here is the list of activities that appear on this video and when to save you some time;

1. DIY Safe Kenetic Sand (0.39s)

2. DIY Smell Jars (1m45s)

3. Pipe Cleaner Pull (2m24s)

4. DIY Baby Boats (3m19s)

5 DIY Sensory Book (3m48s)

6. Mess Free Finger Painting (4m48s)

7. DIY Sensory Bottle (5m22s)

8. DIY Sensory Bag (5m58s)

Thanks to Taylor Raine for this video.

Most of the activities in this video can be adapted to suit your needs. If you don’t have pipe cleaners you could use some ribbons or wool. If you don’t have gel to fill the sensory bag, you could use some soap… it’s a great chance to be imaginative and resourceful.



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Almudena Segura

Mum, Community Project Facilitator, Theatre practitioner (BA Hons) and Co-founder of the The Hug Support Group CIC.

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