The Weaning Journey

You will find here a lot of answers to your doubts if you are about to start your weaning journey. Our tip is to remember to have fun! This is a big milestone for you and your baby, and it shouldn’t involve stress! Every family has their own pace, their way of making it work, wheter you are breaatfeeding or formula feeding, vegetarian, vegan, have some allergy or faith-related diet. We know that everyone is different, but what makes us all the same is that we will do our best to make our kids thrive. Enjoy!

Thanks to Start for Life. Here is the link.

Try and give food to your baby in a bowl or directly on the highchair tray. Do not think too much about nutrition at the beginning, it is a sensory experience and for your baby everything is new: smell, texture, consistence, flavour. Let them explore and have fun!


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Valeria Giannuzzi

Valeria Giannuzzi, PhD, is Clinical and Community Psychologist, Social Sciences Researcher and Co-Founder of The Hug Support Group CIC. She is specialised in migrants’ integration, community development, women and parents support. Mom of a 19 months old son.

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