toy surprise workout

If you find difficult to motivate your kids or yourself to do exercise or if you find it a bit boring, this idea can give you a bit of that extra motivation needed to start exercising.

Start by asking your child to look for its favourites toys (if she/he is too little, choose the ones they like playing with the most). Then do a basic warm up, you can use this video for inspiration or you can create your own.

Now the fun part begins; ask your kid to pick a toy from the bag and ask her/him to move how that toy moves and repeat with the rest of the toys.

You get the idea by now. Have fun!

Thanks to Pregnancy and Postpartum TV. Here is the link.

The idea behind this workout is to get yourself and your kids moving, however, it is also a great chance to bond with your child, to let them take the lead, to create complicite and to have a few laughs!

The sillier the moves, the better the workout and the more your kids will want to workout!



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