Join a parent tribe!

No matter how far you are in the parenthood journey – but it’s particularly true at the beginning – you need some other parents to share the journey with. This will be essential for your nerves, to share the load, questions, joys and sleep-deprived-mommy-brain behaviors that only other parents can and will understand. Sometimes, during those early days, it might feel like you are lonely and insecure, you might have tons of doubts and health professionals are not always available or already reassured you that “all is normal”. Finding your tribe will completely change your parent experience, making it more lighthearted and fun!

And if you are too shy to just approach other parents in the park, did you know that there are apps and local groups that can help you finding other parents in the exact same situation as yours?

Mush is a great app with many other useful parents’ features, but there is also Peanuts, and Frolo, a single parents community. If apps are not working for you and you happen to read from Barking and Dagenham (East London), try to have a look at The Hug Facebook page. There you will find a lovely community of parents that will welcome you, online and offline. And if you read from somewhere else, they will be happy to help you find your tribe!

Valeria Giannuzzi

Valeria Giannuzzi, PhD, is Clinical and Community Psychologist, Social Sciences Researcher and Co-Founder of The Hug Support Group CIC. She is specialised in migrants’ integration, community development, women and parents support. Mom of a 19 months old son.

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