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On this article you will find very wise advice from headteachers.

Some of it might be easier said than done, but you might find some useful tips for yourself and your kids. To make it a bit easier for you, here is a list of the 10 points this article mentions:

  1. Over-scheduling
  2. Under-scheduling
  3. Unrealistic spectations
  4. Disorganized school room
  5. Skipping breaks to shortened the day
  6. Becoming slave of your own homeschooling curriculum
  7. Doing it alone
  8. Super mum syndrome
  9. Ignoring the imput of your children
  10. Fear of the internet

Thanks to Donna Fegusson for this article published on the Guardian. Here is the link.

Lots of the tips from this article can be applied not only to your child, but also to yourself.

Things like movement breaks, praise yourself and staying positive are very needed for everyone in the family.


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