Toilet Roll Projector

Here is a great idea on how to recycle those unloved toilet roll cylinders. The picture is quite self explanatory. Just grab a piece of cling fill, stick anything that can create an interesting shadow, it could be from lentils to a most elaborate cut out that you can make yourself (moon, stars are always winners and easy to make), then attach that piece of cling filt to the toitlet roll with an elastic band and there you have it! your own home made projector!

This is just one idea, but there are lots out there, below are some links with a selection that we found intereresting:

Toilet Roll Construction Cylinders

Fine Motor Skills game


Thanks to Moon Child adventures for this easy and beautiful idea! Please, find the link here.

Start looking into your recycling bin, there are lots of safe stuff that you can use to create games, toys and interesting sensorial activities. It helps to have a separate bag next to the recycling bing to select things that your kids might be able to use. With some extra help from scissors, tape, glue or paint, a new activity can be the entertainment for the afternoon, and it teaches your kids about the three  R rule (reduce, reuse, recycle) and all for free!


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